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Breaking barriers and building possibilities

Happy Carers is your trusted NDIS service provider.

Happy Carers is at the forefront of breaking barriers and building bridges for individuals with disabilities to navigate a society that often fails to accommodate their unique needs. We are facilitating accessibility and empowerment within our community and fostering independence, inclusion with dignity.

Breaking barriers and building possibilities

NDIS Service Provider
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Excellence in Disability Care Services

Happy Carers aims to assist people with disabilities to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life without barriers. Our goal is to promote and empower independence whilst facilitating community participation to eradicate social isolation.

How We Support You

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Care Planning

Your NDIS plan sets out your goals and the supports that will help you pursue those goals. We create your plan based on the support needs directly related to your disability. Your plan will be just for you. You can have as many goals as you want in your plan, and they can be as long as you want. We invite your village that includes family members, carers, support workers and clinicians to create a care plan that is tailored to you in the best way possible through collaboration.

Delivery of Services

Our team at Happy Carers understand the value of proper implementation of funded supports through planning, exploring available support options, and connecting individuals with qualified and skilled carers and clinicians local to them. Our clients are matched with their choice of support workers and allied health professionals. Our delivery methods of service follow a thorough individualised care plan catered to the participant to help them achieve their goals.

Disability Delivery of Services
Monitoring and Feedback

Monitoring and Feedback

Through an ongoing processes Happy Carers clients and carers continually make notes about the client’s circumstances, status and progress towards their goals. This is achieved through ongoing discussion with the people involved in implementing the care plan (including the client, carer/s, staff and other service providers. ensuring that observations, discussions and feedback are consistently recorded, shared and used to inform care plans reviews and relating to goals.

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What our happy clients say!

The best benefit of using Happy Carers services was having a really personalised, flexible service that delivered above and beyond our expectations. Its become a new life for my father. Its marvellous.

SARAH, Support Worker

SARAH, Support Worker

I decided to join Happy Carers service as I needed to get back into the workforce. I have got regular work and I genuinely care for my clients. The best thing is that clients have chosen me.

EMILY, Carer

EMILY, Carer

Happy Carers services is the new way of doing things. It allows me to simple manage my funding and offers me the flexibility I need to live my life.

OLIVIA, Student

OLIVIA, Student

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