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What is NDIS?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Is for people who need assistance taking part in everyday life.

Some mental health issues can make it hard to do day to day things like finding a job, going to work or training, catching up with friends, looking after your health – or just getting out and about. The NDIS is a new way of funding support. Instead of funding going directly to services, it will come to you, and you get to decide the supports you want to buy. This means you are in charge, and you choose what you need to live the life you want.The money for the NDIS is funded through the tax system. The costs are shared across the whole community.

HappyCarers NDIS Service Providers
NDIS Scheme

Take back control of your health

Getting started

Happycarers can help you to access the NDIS.
We can help you with the application form. Your doctor and others may also need to provide information.

We will assist you to complete the paperwork that you need to provide to the NDIA – the National Disability Insurance Authority which has been set up to run the Scheme.

The NDIA will assess your information and decide whether you can access the NDIS.

For more information about NDIS please go to:

Getting a Plan

Once you know that you meet the requirements to access the scheme, the next step is to meet a planner from the NDIA. Happycarers can assist you to get ready for this meeting. When you meet the planner, you will talk about:

– Our current supports

– Your goals

– Additional supports that would improve your lifestyle.

Your Choice
Once you have your NDIS Plan, the NDIA will give you funding support, known as a ‘package’. The ‘package’ can only be spent on things that you have decided will make a difference in your life and which are spelt out in your plan. You also get to decide who will provide these supports. The NDIS can manage your NDIS plan on your behalf, or HappyCarer can mange for you or you can choose to manage it yourself.
Understanding NDIS Plans

The NDIS allows you to have as much choice and control as possible over the supports funded or provided in your NDIS plan.

Learn all about Navigating NDIS

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