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Life Skills Development
Disability Support Workers

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Our Services

Community Access

NDIS social and community participation program, individuals with disabilities can access the necessary support to build social connections and actively engage in community life. We understand Living with a disability can sometimes make it challenging to participate in social activities and to feel a sense of belonging.

At HappyCarers, we provide a safe and inclusive environment for innovative community participation for people with disabilities to meet and interact with other people and develop various social skills.

Life skills development is at the heart of what we do. Our support services include but not limited to

  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Community access for appointments or transportation
  • Personal interest activities like bowling, movies, art, woodwork, beauty, cooking, Camping and vacation trips
  • Lessons to help you learn new skills, like horse riding, pottery, or playing a musical instrument.
  • Training in life skills, like using public transportation or managing money social or communication skills classes.
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